The Personalised Sangria Systembolaget

Sangria is a type of wine from Spain mixed with fruits, sugar, and spices and Systembolaget is a government-controlled liquor store in Sweden. With the restriction, any drink with greater than 3.5% alcoholic content is usually sold in Systembolaget. They also sell non-alcoholic beverages. Sangria Systembolaget is a drink best enjoyed during hot summer or a barbequed evening. It is universally liked as it can be customized to a person’s taste.

Rules at Systembolaget:

  • A person must be over 20 years to purchase alcoholic beverages
  • An individual must carry proof of age to purchase alcohol
  • Winemakers are not allowed to sell liquor privately
  • Alcohol selling on boats is prohibited

Why is Sangria Systembolaget is loved so much?

The mixture of wine and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and pepper has been loved for centuries. The concentration and combination of spices are customized and vary according to the time of the day and season. One of the reasons is that wine did not taste as polished as it does today. The wine tasted harsh, and ingredients such as fruit, extra sugar, and spices were added to make it palatable.

It is believed that this drink came into existence because Americans did not consume strong drinks. To promote the drinks among the Americans, the Spanish mixed the liquor with other ingredients to sell it to the Americans. When the Americans liked the drink, its popularity spread, and now is a mainstream cocktail drink. Nowadays, Sangria Systembolaget is sold as a premade drink with the wine and its addendum.

The right concoction of Sangria

It is a completely personalized drink that can be adapted to each person’s tastes, No wonder it is so popular. If a person preserves the taste of strawberry, they can mix it with their wine to get the distinct strawberry flavor in their wine. Different types of wines such as red, white, sparkling, or rose can be used to make the drink. The wines are aged in an oak barrel to give a rich taste and flavor. Though the origin of Sangria is from Spain, it has become very popular all over the world. The main attraction is that it can be adapted in several different ways. The cocktail is customized to suit the occasion, it would ring a different flavor for marriage, birthdays, or reunion.

The concoction of wine, fruits, and spice does not always come out well. The perfect mix is got by trial and error. But, some companies sell premade mixes that can be mixed with red, white, or sparkling wine. This flexibility has made this drink very popular and is enjoyed globally. It can also be consumed as a non-alcoholic drink with fruit juice or the alcohol content can be reduced to bare. These different options make it a drink for every event.

In conclusion, Sangria is a strong and potent drink with its base wines with complementary flavors from mixing with fruits and spices, making it an unforgettable experience. It can have flavor and strength from mild to intense.

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