Managing Emotions & Improving Emotional Intelligence in Kids

We all have emotions and we all try to express them in another way. Kids always need to be supported as far as their emotional intelligence is concerned. Sometimes it happens that atmosphere of school, bullies, too much pressure of academic curriculum and many other factors affect emotional intelligence of the child and that is why school managements are regulating ERP in schools, so that school management can run the teaching-learning process smoothly by keeping learning environment of the kids light and full of knowledge. ERP in schools is performing so efficiently that students as well as tutors are able to enjoy teaching-learning and students are getting chances to improve their intelligence and knowledge level. This kind of intelligence makes the kid or student able to make a difference between feelings and use them accordingly. It is very necessary for the parents to promote emotional intelligence in the kids so that they can understand different kinds of feelings and understand how to react during those particular emotions and feelings.

It is very necessary for the parents to understand what the kid is indicating to discuss with parents because being a child he or she is unable to express his/her feelings and empathize with them when required. Here empathizing doesn’t mean that as parents you agree in everything with the child, instead it means that you understand the emotional pattern of the child better than anyone. This is a better way to develop emotional intelligence among the kids because kids learn from others and so it happens in emotional patterns also. Help them how to deal with the whirling of emotions in the mind. Kids have no experience and they are very innocent so if they feel shy and confused in order to talk to the parents or to the elders then it is the duty of parents to make communication with the child and make him/her talk about how he or she feels. Sometimes soothing emotions like kindness are performed by a suffering child then also it soothes his mind and heart to make him or her relax. It is somewhat like ERP for schools because ERP for schools also performs the same job of soothing the twisted work procedure of school management. One should be open minded. Like students should accept how they are and should not burden his mind in excess. When students accept whatever is happening around them then they achieve peace of mind and start to learn peacefully. Students should not pile up the emotions in their mind, instead, sit with peers and dear ones and share what and how you feel about things.

Doesn’t matter that as a student you got less numbers, could not get first position or could not perform as per the expectations of parents and mentors, no need to be drowned in a pool of negativity instead, be optimistic and make a new start. Being stressed due to a hectic study schedule, students should go outside and stroll for some time and enjoy the fresh air. Be full of gratitude for the people who are always there for you and thank them from the bottom of your heart and remember them for what they did for you. Gratitude makes you full of respect and pride. Do all those things which can make you happy, don’t think about others, enjoy your company and be happy for everything you have. Give time to your family, read those books which make you smile apart from your coursebooks and enumerate what good you have in your life, thank those relations which keep you smiling and jolly. Parents should take their duty seriously and should teach their kids to face the difficulties of life. This way parents will contribute to the growth of emotional intelligence of their kids. As the kids grow up till the age of 5-6 years, they start to understand things and react emotionally accordingly. Therefore, parents need to befriend their child and start to discuss your problems too with them and how you are dealing with them. Now, this will kill two birds with a single stone by giving them a feeling of belongingness and second by making them understand that being emotional is not a solution. Simultaneously try to take their opinions also on any issue. What does he/she think you should do to correct the situation according to them. This exercise will contribute a lot in the development of emotional intelligence of the kids.

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