Features Of 1911 Holster Owb

What is a 1911 holster owb?

A 1911 holster owb is an outside-waistband holster. The user of a 1911 holster owb can keep the holstered pistol in the front of their waistline. A 1911 holster owb is sometimes known as an “Open Carry” pouch. Open carry holsters are favored by shooters who want an unhindered pull, which means they won’t have to unbutton or adjust their clothes to hold the pistol and easily take it from the holster.

Features of an owb holster

Clips – The 1911 holster owb is carried on the user’s belt through some metal clips. While clip holsters are preferred above the belt slide for their simplicity, they are not always as firmly placed. Metal clips can flex, snap, or shift, which is an issue when you’re in a tense situation that demands you to use all of your skills and concentrate to withdraw your pistol.

Thumb break – The user is reliant on a metallic hardened snap attached to a belt that protects the gun’s hammer. A thumb break adds an extra degree of protection while making it easier to remove the pistol from the pouch. The strengthened thumb break is intended to easily enable the thumb to tear the retention straps off from the handgun, allowing the user to release the snap with a flip of the finger.

Belt Slide Holster — To move the 1911 holster owb on, the user should unclip the belt. Belt slide holsters are the most common example of open-wear holsters and are typically more convenient than inner waist holsters. They are frequently simpler to take from and put back.

Sweat shield – A sweating shield is a sheet of leather that stops the gun’s hammer from coming into contact with the skin. It is commonly used in the outside waistband and inside waistband holsters. The perspiration cover enhances convenience while reducing sweat transfer from the body to the handgun.

Belt snap – The holster is attached to the wearer’s belt via snaps. When the leather band is wrapped all around the belt, a strip of leather is usually attached to the holster to serve as a hook. Certain belt holsters are intended to snap in different directions, allowing the user to hide the pistol within the waistline or wear the holster publicly outside the waistband according to their choice.

The 1911 holster owb provides a comfortable manner of carrying while still making the pistol available to the user in all conditions. It combines nicely with both. The outside-waistband avoids poking and probing, making it simple to reach your gun whether you’re sitting, walking, lying, or prone.

If you want to hide your gun you can opt for inside waistband holsters but if you need not hide your gun then a 1911 holster owb is best for you. It matches all the criteria i.e., cost, comfort, and quality. The 1911 holsters are preferable in circumstances when concealment is not critical. Most owb holsters are virtually just like their IWB equivalents, but they are meant to be worn on the waist rather than inside your pants.

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