About Cuemath Company 

Cuemath is a math learning app for children aged four to fourteen (Kindergarten to Grade 8). This program was developed by Cuelearn Pvt Ltd. 
Cuemath company is a Bangalore-based math education corporation and is available at home-based centers across India. According to its website, It had around 5000 teachers and 50,000 students as of October 2019.

Who is the Founder of Cuemath Company? 

Cuelearn Pvt Ltd, a math education company formed by Manan Khurma in 2014, created Cuemath. 

An alumnus of IIT-Delhi Manan began teaching math to 17- and 18-year-old students while still in college. Manan built a program that focused on a strong mathematical foundation after realizing that his students’ problems stemmed from inadequate conceptual training before entering high school.

How did Cuemath Company Get its funding? 

Cuemath received $4 million in series. Funding from Sequoia Capital India in February 2015, as well as a seed round from Unitus Seed Fund in 2014. Capital G, Alphabet Inc.’s investment arm, sponsored a $15 million Series B round in 2017.

In How Many Countries Cuemath Company is Available? 

Cuemath now has 5,000 centers in 80+ locations across India and trains over 40,000 students through its program. The zero-Capex approach, in which Cuemath teachers work from their homes, has fueled this expansion.

In India, physical classes are not excluded from the growth. Cuemath LEAP, a live, online, interactive curriculum for children in grades 7 to 10, was added to the Cuemath portfolio for upper grades last year.

What is the basis of the Cuemath Company Program? 

According to the Cuemath main principle, math is a life skill that cannot be taught passively. Students must take an active role in class and complete increasingly challenging activities. This active learning approach is incorporated into the home-based centers. Cuemath Teachers provide pupils with problem sets to solve that they must complete on their own. Problem sets are supplied as workbooks at the home-based centers. To visualize topics, students use physical learning aids in home-based centers and interactive simulations in online mode.

A teacher is on hand to go through the basics and answer questions. The Cuemath program is based on the presence of a teacher and the active participation of students.

What is the Program Structure of Cuemath Company? 

The Cuemath program follows the school’s curriculum. Teachers construct individualized learning programs based on CBSE, ICSE, state board, or international board standards. Worksheets, tab-based games, math, and logic problems are used to cover all topics. It ties everything together through a gamified layer of comic characters.

Unit Circle: Definition and Equation 

Unit circle is defined as circles with radii of one unit. Cartesian coordinate planes are most commonly used to represent unit circles, while the second-degree equation with two variables x and y is used to represent unit circles algebraically.

The unit circle is used in trigonometry to obtain the values of trigonometric ratios such as sine, cosine, and tangent.

A circle’s general equation is (x – a)2 + (y – b)2 = r2, which depicts a circle with the centre (a, b) and radius r. A simplified version of this circle equation illustrates a unit circle equation. With its center at (0, 0), the origin of the coordinate axes, and a radius of 1 unit, a unit circle is constructed. The unit circle’s equation is then (x – 0)2 + (y – 0)2 = 12. The equation of a unit circle is acquired by simplifying this equation.

Equation of Unit Circle: x2 + y2 = 1

It’s all about Cuemath, it’s the best platform for the students to learn maths from the best instructors who resolved all the doubts and explained the concepts in a detailed manner in an interesting way.

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